Art REstoration

In partnering with the Habitat for Humanity REstore, students were tasked with creating artworks out of used items that we found in the restore. These items will be at the Art REstoration auction on Saturday, April 18 at Icon Lounge.

Below is a mailbox repurposed into a shark sculpture. Along the way through the project, students studied the art elements.


Screen printed posters for charity

HayleighTylernate Noah

Students in art have studied social commentary artists (they focused on Banksy’s recent trip to NYC) and chosen topics that are meaningful to them. They’ve created posters using symbolism for their topic and screen printed 10 to have on display at the Museum of Visual Materials.

Some of the students’ social topics include: bullying, environmental issues, racism, drug abuse, and terrorism.

Artists will be at an opening reception on Monday, Dec. 9 from 4:30-6:00 to talk about their posters and social topics. Their posters will be for sale for $10 (all proceeds going toward their related charity). Please consider stopping by!

Below are some in-progress photos:

Cody B printing Cody B prints Jordon F printing 2 Steven D printing

Animal Vis-zoo-als

Partnering with Great Plains Zoo, students created paintings of animals that shared personality traits with themselves. A representative from the zoo chose a few to have on display for the month of November! See several student paintings below.

Bayli Dustin Hayleigh Kalub Kyle Noah Tabbitha

Art for Africa

We partnered with a classroom in Lesotho, Africa through Peace Corps volunteer, Heather Mangan. One struggle Heather shared, was finding ways to teach students the grammar principles of English. Students do not learn in the same way, so she desired some visuals that could help teach the students.

My students loved working with Heather’s class, and were excited whenever I had a new email to share or photos she had sent, and the last videos she sent to us. It was such a fun project with a global connection. The photos below are ones Heather sent, after they received our package of posters!

IMG00602-20131010-1456 IMG00603-20131010-1508 (1) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Alternative Lunch Tray project

Students in GeoGraphics presented alternative lunch trays to the school board this spring. They created animated infographics to persuade the school board to purchase biodegradable lunch trays, instead of using styrofoam. They cited research on harmful effects of styrofoam on the body when it’s heated (like putting hot food on the tray) and research on how long it takes for styrofoam to break down (500 years!)

Their research and effort really paid off, as you can see in the picture below we are piloting lunch trays that are made of sugar cane — and they break down into the earth in 3-4 months! Awesome!


lunch tray