Fine Arts Night: Social Commentary Art

The art students teamed up with choir and drama for the first ever Fine Arts Night this spring. I had struggled with spreading the word to the community to attend student art events downtown at the Design Center and the Museum of Visual Materials. I had come to the conclusion that in order for the art to be seen, the event needed to be in cooperation with another event already planning for an audience. Thankfully, my colleagues are great at collaborating so we began planning for the Fine Arts Night.

The art students studied social commentary art, the works and symbolism of Banksy and researched topics that are important to them. They created screen printed posters designed to bring awareness to a societal cause that concerns them, and research charities that provide resources toward these issues. Those who attended the event received a raffle ticket for $1 each and could place their ticket(s) in the bucket for the cause/artwork they liked the most. At the end of the night, students drew two names to give away their posters. The posters could also be purchased outright for $10. However many tickets a student had in their bucket at the end of the night equated to how many dollars they had earned for their charity. The students raised over $150 toward charities that night!

Some examples of charities students donated toward are as follows: The Wounded Warrior Project, Charity Water, Equality Now and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Cesar Fiona Julieann Malik Mitchell Seth