Dakota State University is #1!

RAs Monday morning I had the opportunity to sit in on President Dr. Knowlton’s presentation for DSU (along with a million faculty members and the other RA trainees). It was here that I learned…DSU is #1! That’s right, my friends. Southwest Minnesota State University has lost its almost 10 year reign and handed it off to us. I, for one, am excited. It’s kind of a big deal.

His plan…to keep us at #1. I know, it seems like “duh”. But I think it’ll happen. We’re leading the way in colleges our size. And, my peers and I get to be a part of that. Recruiting will obviously be a key role. Being #1 will definitely help. As the Student Ambassador President, myself and all the ambassadors will be playing a big part in that. Sometimes, we’re the only “college kid” connection that potential students have to DSU. It’s exhilirating!

I sound like a nerd. Umm…GO DSU! (Find pictures here.) Also, Dr. Steve Shirley has a beard!