My Animated Logo

For my Graphic Effects class, we were to come up with a logo that represents ourselves and then animate it in some way using the program Director on a Mac computer. First of all, I hate making things that “represent me”. I don’t know why, but I find it very frustrating and difficult to come up with something. I am great at creating things that represent OTHER people. Just not myself. Anyway, I drew a lot of different ideas for my logo. Animation sketches I got inspired by many other existing logos. Powerade, MTV, and Mello Yello–to name a few. I started making one that had my initials morphed together with a stone texture on top of it. Basically, it looked like a 3D stone carving of my initials. I made the entire animation. It had the “HG” stone fall from the top of the screen onto the word “PRODUCTIONS” and flatten it a little as it absorbs the impact. The final frame would say “HG PRODUCTIONS”. I finished the animation. But I wasn’t happy with it. I mean, what does a rock carved in my initials say about me? Nothing. I’m not a Rausch Brother. Also, it took about 30 minutes to create…so it was too simple for me. So I started over.

Frustrated, I looked around the classroom; I then spotted a colorwheel. I was overcome with inspiration. Check out my finished project in this small version, the quality is much better. If you can’t see it, then check it out here. It’s about 3 seconds long, so if it seems to go super fast, play it again and it will go normal speed.

Our next assignment: create a short sports animation for DSU’s basketball Daktronics video board. Anyone have any ideas?