3D Design on Computers

3D Chair I am in my very first 3D class. It was scary, because I had never done any 3D designing, so I was worried that I would be absolutely horrible at it. As it turns out, the program isn’t hard to get used to and it is relatively simple to design with. I’m a big fan.

So far, everyone’s assignments have been the same. He’d give us a picture with dimensions and we are to make it. So besides for colors or textures that we apply to the objects, everyone’s final result should look the same. Pretty soon, we’ll be coming up with our own things to create per assignment. But I figured, no one who reads this blog is in the class anyway – so everyone who reads this will think this is cool! I do, anyway.

3D Desk with Granite Top I made a desk today with the program. When I started applying textures to it, I decided to look for a granite texture that I could put on the desk’s tabletop. I thought my searching was futile and then I saw it…”Stone – White Granite”. I’m a big fan of it.

I plan to be adding my 3D rendered scenes to my portfolio, so continue to check them out. Right now, there are the two pictures you see in this post, as well as one other scene. Enjoy!