Movie Amnesia

So as I read Bryce‘s post on Thursday and left my comments, I did a little self-analysis. I am the absolute worst at remembering things from movies and TV shows. Let me tell you a story to express myself better.

Once upon a weekend when I worked at camp for my first year, I watched the movie Cast Away (starring Tom Hanks). When I started it, I thought “I think that I don’t like this movie, but I can’t remember why.” Throughout the movie I kept thinking how good it was and that I had to have been mistaken about not liking it before. I laughed at his conversations with Wilson the volleyball, and cried when his wife had moved on and didn’t take him back, I also was curious as to what was in the FedEx package he chose not to open.

At the end, he drove on a gravel road and met another car. They smiled at eachother or something. Then he pulled up to a house and carried the package onto the porch. He rang the doorbell. But no one was home. He left the package at the front door, and drove off. And for some reason, I am thinking that at the very end there some reference to a fork in the road (of his life or something stupid like that). I can’t quite remember.

To the writers of Cast Away: You mean to tell me that I’m not going to EVER know what was in that stupid package?! Do you think you were being CREATIVE? No, you were being LAZY because you couldn’t think of anything good enough to actually be IN the STUPID PACKAGE!

I quickly remembered why I don’t like the movie. Now I hate it because I experienced that anger. Twice. Three times, if you count this post. Four, if you count when I read this post. When the credits started rolling, I was screaming at the TV. I think Jackie might have witnessed this. I was very angry and left the house and went and shot hoops for a while, with a basketball that badly needed to be pumped up. Which made me more angry. I felt like this guy.

The other day, I saw an advertisement on TV – otherwise known as a commercial – that said Cast Away was going to be on TNT this weekend. I thought, “Oh! Miles and I should watch that!” Anyway, thanks to Bryce, for saving me.

And probably saving Miles.