Sitting at the desk

This is my LIVE BLOGGING from sitting at the hall desk during the Halloween Dance.

12:20AM – Miles left the dorm to get some shut-eye

12:23AM – Continue with Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode watching

12:28AM – Guy walked in dressed as a woman

12:38AM – Sara Madison and I thought alike…we have great minds

12:39AM – Weird loud noises coming from above, checked it out

12:43AM – No solution, Sara went to walk around upstairs and see what is up

12:47AM – Sara and I open up my janitor’s closet and a pipe is vibrating making loud noises. We decide it’s just a freak thing where 2 weeks after turning on, they clamor around.

1:02AM – Called security to come check it out. He said he just turned the broiler up. Then he laughed for a really long time…

1:12AM – Facebook stalked people we didn’t know

1:15AM – Honey Bee walked in the door

1:30AM – Played the Facebook Friend Game together

1:33AM – Ballerina walked in the door

1:38AM – Sara and I realized we’re both wearing “I heart NY” shirts

1:58AM – Security guy came in, he joked with us, we ignored him

2:00AM – Five minutes until making the rounds

2:01AM – Watched girl kiss boyfriend…ew

2:04AM – Computer off, parting ways