Car Bombing

Car Bombing My car was bombed. In one night, about a bazillion birds “did their business” on my car. Everywhere. And in all different colors. I’m embarassed.

Tonight, I was walking out to my car and two guys walked by it, pointed and said things like “Ew!! That’s disgusting!” I pretended like I was going to a different car. When they were in their dorm, I walked back to mine and slipped in. Then, I drove around to find a gas station that still had their squeegies out (most are gone because they’d freeze). So I squeegied almost my entire car. Still looks gross because some of it spread and I was getting too cold to be a perfectionist. The next day that it isn’t below freezing, I’ll probably get a car wash. Otherwise it probably won’t be gone until February or later. I don’t think I can keep on pretending it isn’t my car. I really should take off the “Rausch for House” magnet.

Needless to say, I am now in support of anyone who wants to kill birds. Even in the off-season.