Cheating the system

I buy my books online. I do this simply because of financial reasons. It makes sense; why buy at the bookstore, when I can get it for less than 50% off online. I don’t mean to not support the DSU Bookstore. I think I do my fair share of shopping there, but it just makese sense. Usually, I can buy all my books online for under $100 and no shipping. This semester, I bought two particular books online for a total of $80 – hardcover Biology book, paperback Figure Drawing book.

I went to the bookstore to sell them yesterday. Over the past four semesters of selling my books back to the bookstore, I’ve made a total of about $90. As I was waiting in line, the girl two people in front of me, returned 7 books and got $105 back. The guy in front of me returned 3 books and got $80 back. Now I didn’t think much of this, because that has happened in the past – the people in front of me get lots of money and then I get $6 back. I handed over my books. It took him a long time to process the Biology book (because it was hardcover, and they only had paperback returned so far). He hands me $86. I’ll give you a moment to do the math.

That’s right, folks. I made a profit selling my books back to the bookstore! Unheard of. Until now. This only furthers my belief that I need to continue buying my books online.
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