Whatever happened to JTT?

JTTThe other day, I was watching TBS (this is no different from any normal day of my life) and the movie Man of the House was showing. I saw Jonathan Taylor Thomas as a teenager and thought about how he was such a big hit as the sarcastic son, Randy, on Home Improvement, the voice of the young cub, Simba, in The Lion King, and a college-aged son, Jake, who finds the meaning of Christmas in I’ll Be Home for Christmas. It got me wondering, “Whatever happened to JTT?” I mentioned this to Miles, and (surprise!) he suggested actually looking it up.

As it turns out, he’s still around in the industry. He’s done a lot of voice acting for animated series. However, his last “appearance” was in Thru the Moebius Strip as the voice of Prince Ragis. I’d be willing to bet no one who reads this blog has heard of it.

Did you know JTT was born in Bethlehem? Just like Jesus! Only he was born in the Pennsylvania version of the town.

The meaning of this post, “Jonathan Taylor Thomas…JTT…if you read this blog, we want you back!”