Drop Out

It’s true. I’m a drop out. Here’s the deal:

I was taking Physics this semester. I took it in High School and although our teacher didn’t challenge us much, I enjoyed and understood it. Flash forward to this semester. Every week we have 13-15 challenging Physics problems…and even though I pay attention in class and seem to understand everything, I can only get about 2 on my own. After that I need Miles’s help. And he has a Mathematics degree and took college Physics. Tony also helped, when he was here a couple weeks ago.

I also spent 5 hours working on a lab report and got 6/10 on it. RIDICULOUS! I spent about 2 hours on the next one and got 7/10. Needless to say, those scores aren’t the kinds of scores I get on assignments. They just aren’t. And I started spending all of my free time thinking about how to do the homework assignments for Physics and became very stressed out. To the point of crying multiple times. (Although, it doesn’t take much for me to cry. But I won’t tell you that because it will seem like Physics didn’t stress me out as much as it did.) The worst is, I was one of the “better” students in the class who understood the stuff (but apparently not really) and so people came to me for help. Causing more stress.

I applied Microeconomics, believe it or not, into my decision on whether or not to drop Physics. I figured the Opportunity Cost. I didn’t need Physics to graduate and it wouldn’t give me an advantage in my major…I just needed a second science course. And I thought, I could work super hard and maybe get an A in the class…or take Biology II and work not as much and still get an A. If I stayed in the class: A lot of extra stress, little to no time for other things (wedding planning?), possibly lower my GPA.  The opportunity cost: $/credit (no refund), $/credit (second science class this summer), damaged pride, much less stress, more “free time”, less crabby, same GPA or possibly higher with replacement class.

After figuring the opportunity cost, the decision was pretty simple. Don’t look down on me. Consider me a genius.