Well, I’m home for Easter break and it’s below freezing with the wind. My parents are on vacation right now…in 87 degree weather. They were supposed to go a few weeks ago, but got blizzarded out.
I’m in the house alone, because Marissa went riding around and I am a scaredy-cat. The washing machine was unbalanced and making loud noises. It sounded like a monster.

On the bright side, here’s my dad playing Guitar Hero!

Dad & Guitar Hero

Tomorrow, I’m hosting a bridal shower for my future sister-in-law, Cari. It should be pretty fun, but has been a lot more work and money than I expected. The theme is Around the Clock, where each guest is given a time of day and are to buy a gift fitting for that time. Example: if you had 6:00PM, you’d probably give some sort of gift that has to do with cooking. Get it?!

Sunday, Marissa and I are going to church and then going to Sioux City with grandma and grandpa to meet up with other family for lunch. Then on Monday, I’m stopping in Sioux Falls on my way back to Madison and then my break is over…!