The few…the proud

The Animation Show DVD The rumors are true. I turned 21 on April 15. On that same day, I had my first alcoholic drink. It was a glass of Riesling. Which was nasty. I stayed up until midnight (not an easy thing to do for an old timer like myself!) and had a glass (more like 6 sips) of wine. I should have gone to bed instead…! Though, I’ll try other wines and maybe find something a bit sweeter that I could enjoy on occasion.

I opened presents from Miles that morning before lunch. One being a wood figurine from the Willow Tree Angel collection, this particular figurine entitled “Birthday Girl”. I started collecting them in high school and I think Miles is trying to encourage my collection (not a bad thing!) He also got me a DVD collection of “The Animation Show”, the DVD version of an animation festival…pretty sweeeet! Lastly, I got The Animator’s Sketchbook, which is by the guy who directed Roger Rabbit and it has lots of tips for character animation pertaining to almost anything you could think of. (A guy using a pitch fork to throw hay…who would want to animate that?! SOMEONE!) So they were exciting gifts, I must say!

Then we went to Sioux Falls and watched Meet the Robinsons. It’s a 3D animation in 3D vision…sensory OVERLOAD! It was good modeling and animation; though I didn’t care to wear the 3D glasses the whole time. Hurt my head! Then we went to Johnny Carino’s…delish! I tried a Bellini (which I mistakingly made a joke; thinking it was Belushi) and Miles ordered an Italian margarita in case I didn’t like the Bellini. They were very fruity and that definitely helped with the taste. We drove back to Madison and David came over to Miles’s and they played Guitar Hero while I did homework or something. All in all, a good day. And I get to celebrate it again with dinner with my family this weekend!

Also, some interesting developments have occurred in the past week or so…how’s that for a teaser?! Check back soon.