Mother would be proud

parachute Guess what? I fixed a parachute! And with an 80 year old sewing machine! Ironically, it works just as good or better than any other machine I have ever used. Also, I patched a rip. I’m a modern-day Rosie the Riveter!

Question: Have you ever seen a parachute?

Answer: They’re big.

Question: Have you ever tried to feed a parachute through a sewing machine?

Answer: It’s not so bad, except for the very middle area where the hole is.

Please? Also, I look at this picture, and all I can think is “PLEASE?!” This Lhasa-poo is visiting us for the week, and she is adorable! Her name is Claire, and I want one.

Question:  What is more precious than Claire?

Answer:  A diamond. But nothing else.  And fiances.

I heart her and want to keep her.  Though a puppy probably wouldn’t be around for another year at best, I want one just like her.  She’s like a stuffed animal who walks.  And has a pulse.  And poops.  And sometimes eats.

Question:  Can anyone guess why my post is titled this way?  (Two reasons!)