High Adventure CampPhew! I just barely made this post before a month had past since my last one. I don’t want to turn into a Debra or Jackie. I also avoided being pruned!

Well, as most of you know, I’m home from camp. There’s still another 5ish weeks left of camp…but alas, I will not be there. I got back on June 30th. That Monday, I started class and went back to work.

I’m taking Zoology this summer. We have 19 class periods that run from 8-12 every day. So one day is pretty much equivalent to one week in a normal semester. I hate science, but I really enjoy this because when we talk about boring or gross stuff (like protozoans or parasites), I only have to bear it for a day. We have our first test tomorrow. I’m feeling pretty confident about it.

Today we dissected our first organism. A roundworm. SICK. Its insides reminded me of ramen noodles. SICK!

It’s been eventful since the last time I posted.

  • Holly and Bob got married
  • Got kissed by Mandy
  • Adam tore his ACL and other things
  • Adam and Cari got married
  • Saw Ratatouille
  • Independence Day in Sioux Falls
  • Bryce and Lindsey got married
  • Chose wedding colors (“Tealness” and “Blue Pastel”)
  • Chose bridesmaid dresses
  • Created rough draft of invitation
  • Got cable, DVR, and internet at the house
  • Adam had surgery today
  • Miles is in Washington state for work

Yes, it’s quite busy on the Madison front. But at the same time, I’m often bored. Come visit!