Making a Baby

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks making a baby. A few surprising things I’ve found out while on this miraculous journey:

  • It takes patience
  • Sometimes, the result isn’t exactly what you imagined
  • It’s really, really hard work
  • They don’t come with diapers, by default
  • Another person involved is really just in the way
  • Pacifiers are a God-send

baby If you haven’t figured it out by now, I have made a 3D model of a baby. I’m really happy with the model; which is a rare occasion, considering I’m a bit of a perfectionist and my own worst critic. I don’t often like my projects when I’m done with them. Of course, there are things I’d like to change, but I’m not dwelling on them because I like it overall. Next, we’ll add a skeleton and animate our models, (many people chose to model aliens, and I find that….weird interesting). This animation may be our final project, considering the time it takes to model and animate anything. And just figuring out how to animate a biped will take much time in itself. So, here’s hoping we don’t have another project for our final.