AdvertisementLast Thursday, I had an interview for a Graphic Artist position in Sioux Falls. Out of forty applicants, they were interviewing about eight. So I felt pretty good about being in the top 20% or so of the applicants, some of which were likely in the field for several years. On Friday I got a call that I was in their top two and I needed to create an advertisement by 8am Monday. This is what I created.

I was really excited. This seemed to be a perfect fit for me…working with families and designing. I really wanted the job and I thought I had nailed the ad. I waited as long as I could, and finally decided to call this morning because I hadn’t heard anything. The HR guy said they just made a decision and the position has been filled. *sigh*

Even though I know I should feel good being in the top two of forty, being told no is still rejection. I might have nailed the ad but just wasn’t the better of the two applicants. I’m starting to wonder if our possibility of going to grad school is keeping me from getting a job in Sioux Falls between now and then. No one wants to hire someone for just 8 months. But if we end up not being able to go, I’ve lost a couple of opportunities that could have been really great.