Tag; you’re it

I was tagged by Miles.

1. Do you promote your blog?

It’s in my signature of my DSU email account, and on my facebook. Otherwise, most publicity is from other sites that link to it or just by word of mouth.

2. How often do you check hits?

Never. I’m fairly aware of who reads my blog. People tend to comment at least once and if they don’t, they usually tell me they read it but never comment.

3. Do you stick to one topic?

No. I cover design, my life, and sometimes make things up. (See Dear Andrew Wilson and No Sarcasm Here…)

4. Who knows that you have a blog?

Everyone who reads it plus a few.

5. How many blogs do you read?

Bloglines tells me I have 56 feeds. I read all the MilesRausch.com blogs, plus some camp friends, plus some DSU faculty, plus a DSU friend who went to law school. I also am subscribed to some humor blogs and news feeds and design feeds.

6. Are you a fast reader?

Not typically, no.

7. Do you customize your blog or do anything technical?

No. I did for a class once, on Blogger, but I’m pretty pleased with this particular theme.

8. Do you blog anonymously?

Not on this blog, but have posted anonymously on a couple other blogs currently in and currently out of existence.

9. To what extent do you censor yourself?

I don’t think I’ve ever had anything “R” rated, nor thought about posting anything that would be “R” rated. If I censor anything, it’s usually to protect other people or companies. If I’m expressing distaste for something or someone, I try to keep that particular thing or person anonymous. Thought it might not always been entirely anonymous. I mostly do that so that the post wouldn’t show up in a Google search of the person or thing.

10. The best thing about blogging?

Being able to keep in touch with other people (I dislike phone talking) on my life and a way of venting and explaining things that normally I would just think about. It gives me a chance to be “out there” and sometimes employers want someone who is willing to be public.

I tag (non-MR.com bloggers): Deb (not linked by probable request), Bryan, Mandy (not linked by probable request; now linked with approval), Debra, Jackie