The Final Countdown [buhdaduhdaaaa…]

With less than two weeks to go, things are starting to get exciting! I’ve been sick the past few days, and are now in a state of rest, and so things were on hold (as much as I could leave them on hold, anyway). Miles and I attended the last bridal shower, he got his final hair cut, we’re working on getting insurance figured out, and calling the final people who didn’t RSVP. For the record, please always send in an RSVP when the event calls for that. We’ve had over 100 more guests say they’re coming, through calling/emailing after the RSVP date. We still have a little over a dozen to contact.

Then I need to turn in final numbers to caterer, cake lady, my aunt, and the reception manager. Then I need to finalize the seating arrangements. Buy a few things, put a few things together, print a few things, call a few people, order a few things and attend my Bachelorette party. Though it looks like a lot written out, it’s not as bad as it could be. And I’m not freaking out. But I’ve still got a couple weeks for that…

See you all soon!