Our Apartment

Living Room from hallway entrance

Well, Jackie inspired me to take pictures of our apartment to share with my readers. But I don’t feel like putting them all on here and then talking about them. I don’t have a lot to say. So go to my photo set to check it out! Make sure to mouse over the pictures to read the notes – they explain what’s behind closed doors and gives you a better feel for how the apartment flows. Ignore the messiness and random TVs on the floor. Also, if your gift is seen on the floor or something, don’t feel bad. If your gift is hung up or obviously in use, it’s because we like you best. Don’t feel bad. We have a guest room with bed and lots of space, so please visit! But call first.


Oh yeah, also…we got a new TV. The first thing we watched on it was LOST, of course. We bought it over two weeks ago, and finally got it today. It’s been hard keeping it a secret from you. 46″ Samsung 1080p LCD HDTV. Thanks to Kevin who had a truck, and met us at Best Buy at a moment’s notice. This thing puts our iMac to shame. We need to get a bigger one to compete with it. But they don’t make them bigger! We heart this TV.