You just got sor’d!

It\I watched CSI for the first time on Thursday night. I wasn’t really interested in doing so (that’s why it was my first time), but Miles talked me into it. It was pretty good, I’d have to say. There were a couple times where I’d have to not watch because I’m a girl and get queesy. We talked for a really long time…and concluded that the futon I’m using is not good for talking a really long time. I was in pain on Friday.

I spent a lot of time on Friday doing a lot of nothing. I ate lunch with many people that day. It was a nice ‘farewell party’. In attendance: Miles, Gil, Phil, Millar, Swett, and myself. I was supposed to get pictures of Comedy Bytes from Gil, that was the whole point of eating lunch, but that didn’t happen. I do have them now, so check them out on Flickr.

Miles and IMiles and I went to visit some people in the College of Business and found out it was Dean Tom Halverson’s Birthday the day before. We left him two wonderful Birthday wishes. He liked mine the best, though though. I spent the afternoon packing, caught an episode of Seinfeld with Miles, spilled ice cream on his floor, and headed home. I stopped in Sioux Falls to pick up a couple sweaters – thanks, Mom!

We went to Council Bluffs, Iowa this weekend to visit Grandpa Leaders. It always is a good time. We even learned through the game Balderdash, that pahoehoe means both “Indian twins” and “the plural form of pahoe, meaning homosexual livestock (ie. gay bull)”. Marissa cleverly made up a new saying, “You just got sor’d!” It’s my personal goal to spread that around. Make it yours, too.

I was lying on the floor in the hotel stairwell, talking on the phone with Miles, when I decided to sit up. I look down the hall and a guy has dropped his bags and started running towards me. I realized that he thought I was dead or something. I yelled, “Oh! No, I’m OK! Just talking on the phone. Sorry!” I think he was close to having a heart attack. Dad had just told me I better not lie down like I was because I look dead. Parents know best…!

Grandpa’s church is looking for a new pastor and had a guy from Texas give the message today. It was 53 minutes long. I couldn’t believe it! The entire service was over 90 minutes. It makes me want to become Jewish, like everyone on Seinfeld.

I bought more clothes today – thanks again, Mom! It’s all pretty exciting. I wasn’t a huge fan of shopping until…well, Friday. Merry Christmas to me. And now we’re home. And I’m doing laundry and acting like a luger. I’ll probably go visit my HS teachers sometime this week and brag about how I’m out of school for almost a month, going to Florida, and having tons of fun without them.

Orlando countdown: 9 days Money left to earn: spending cash Probability: Better, once I receive Christmas money Things left to buy before we leave: larger camera memory card, gas, food (we’re paying for food before we leave)

OK, bye bye!