How to Drive a Graphic Designer Mad

Inspired by an email forward I received and found funny, I’ve created a list of eight things (in no particular order) you can do to drive a Graphic Designer mad. If I spent more time thinking, I probably could come up with a lot more. But I’ve got supper to make.

EIGHT – Call everything they make “pretty”. It boosts their self-esteem and really gives value to their work.

SEVEN – Ask for clip art. In all honesty, it is extremely disappointing when you’re asked to use your 4-year degree to look up 40 different images of a turkey.  We just won’t do it.

SIX – Send them small pictures to use in advertisements, flyers, catalogs, etc. More specifically, send them images you downloaded off a website. And then ignore their emails when they explain that they need images at a higher resolution. Or just resize it yourself in Microsoft Word. Which brings me to…

FIVE – Send them pictures embedded in a Microsoft Word document. Rather than simply attaching a .jpeg in an email, please neatly lay them out in Word and send it off. They’ll thank you for your organizational skills.

FOUR – Ask for star bursts. LOTS of them. There’s nothing else in the design world that can make your important information stand out from the rest.

THREE – If creating a flyer or advertisement, request lots of different fonts to be used (extra points if you ask for Comic Sans or Sand). Make sure they make the text really small, too.

TWO – Bevel and Emboss. Request them. On everything. But describe it like this “Make it look like a bubble. Like something you can push.”

ONE – When giving direction for the project, just simply say “Be creative.” They’ll know exactly what you mean.