Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian

This week The Movie Club met for Prince Caspian. Again, as someone who doesn’t know anything because I haven’t read the books, I thought it was a great movie! I really didn’t remember anything about the first movie. In fact, I only remembered there being three children: Peter, Susan, and Lucy. When this other boy (Edward) went to Narnia with the other Pevensie children, I started getting curious. I whispered several times to Miles, “Who is that other kid?” Of course, this thoroughly confused him and I didn’t get an answer until I figured it out for myself. Disregarding my idiocy, this nearly three-hour movie is worth the time. Never once did I find myself wondering “I wonder if we’re half-way yet…”

Ticket stub from Prince Caspian The characters were well-developed and even though the actors had three years to get taller, grow facial hair, etc., they genuinely seemed to only be about a year older. Neither they nor Prince Caspian, however, were what impressed me most. It was the Narnians. The animation and modeling of these characters was strong and believable. The two I was most impressed by were the centaurs and minotaurs. The centaurs walked and galloped in life-like ways. The area where the man becomes the animal really looks smooth and makes sense. The minotaurs are almost overwhelming with their strength, height, and other physical features. They look powerful and definitely lead the way in the battles.

The battles. Oh, the battles! They were COOL. Set aside the fact that they don’t show anything gory (cutting to a new angle right before someone slices a soldier’s neck, no “gross” sound effects), these battles are really neat to watch. They’ve got a few tricks up their sleeves and that makes these scenes even more exciting.  I give this a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

If you’ve seen the first one and even only sort of enjoyed it, this is recommended for you. “For Aslan!”