Sweet, sweet dreams

I used to have a big problem when it came time to sleep. I would hit a point in the night, where if I didn’t go to sleep within 45 minutes, I would be up for hours. One horrible night while working at camp my first summer is a memory that will haunt me forever.

I was counseling Junior High kids for the “Music on Tour” camp. It is a favorite among campers, allowing them to learn songs, dances, and skits and travel to area churches and parks to perform. It was one of my proudest moments being a counselor. That’s besides the point. We had traveled to LeMars, Iowa (2.5 hr trip from Okoboji) and were returning late, at about 11pm. We were about 30 minutes away from the camp, when I hit that point in the night. I did the calculations in my head and quickly realized that there was no way I would be in bed within 45 minutes. After unloading the vehicles, and getting everyone calmed down for showers and bed time, a good 2 hours had gone by. I ended up staying awake until about 4am; not a good thing when you are to meet parents the next day and have a whole new week of camp coming up in 48 hours. It was a frustrating couple of weeks.

Then college comes around and I train myself to function at minimal capacity just to make it through the day because I only can get 4 or 5 hours of rest each night. In the spring, I went to Okoboji to help out over a weekend for a retreat. Bryan Johnson also was an attendee for the weekend and he forgot lots of things, so we went to Wal-Mart. One of the things he bought was a sleeping mask. I told him that if it worked wonders, to let me know. Well, apparently it worked wonders. I ended up buying one in May when I returned there for camp training. Sleeping masks rule.

Let me tell you that the sleeping mask I own is a life saver. Need a nap in the middle of the day? No big deal, just wear the mask and it’s like night! Want to leave your TV on without being distracted and opening your eyes to watch the show? No big deal, just wear the mask and your G2G (good to go)! I haven’t had a problem sleeping in a long time, other than when dealing with things that make me think and keep me up. I occasionally have problems with my back, but that is no matter most nights. Sleeping masks rule.

Bryan and I even had a couple scheduled naps on Saturdays this summer. Two couches + the movie Matchstick Men = perfect conditions for snoozing. We even went out to eat with camp friends while wearing the masks on our heads. No one mentioned it. Sleeping masks rule.

I intend to buy a few more in the future. Just so that I can have a choice to make when it comes to sleeping well. Maybe a velvet one, or a gel-filled one, or even one that smells like jasmine. The possibilities are endless.

OK, bye bye!