You might have noticed a few changes since you last visited the blog. In fact, Miles and I had planned a re-design of my site to be released on our wedding day, along with the new URL sporting my new name. That didn’t happen. So we thought we’d launch the redesign for my birthday in April. I didn’t start designing it until just a couple days before my birthday. So, of course, that didn’t happen.

But now…it’s happened. Feel free to take a look around. There are still some minor tweaks and changes, (major ones on the portfolio page as I haven’t uploaded any work there yet). I designed it, with consultation from Miles. Miles programmed it – making everything work exactly the way I wanted. His was the tougher and more time-consuming job. This never would have happened without his expertise. Thank you, husband!

I hope you like it. The change was much-needed and I’m excited to show it off!