What the heck is an M-O?

Miles and I are now officially dating. He asked me yesterday when we met up in Sioux Falls at Falls Park. I know there was some confusion as to what we technically were…well, it’s all clear now! :) And it is very good. You can read about our day in his most recent post.

Instead of repeating the details of our day yesterday, I’ll enlighten you on my dental visit this morning. I never had a cavity, mind you, until October 2004. That was my one and only. I’ve been self-conscious of my dental situation ever since that fateful day. I also never minded the dentist until then. It has now been roughly 6 months since my last visit, and I guess that means it’s time for a check-up. I go in, and first of all they have to take a picture of me for their “computer records”. Whatever. They call me in and the Dental Hygenist (here on out referred to as DH) starts the process of cleaning my teeth so that they are respectable for the dentist. Whatever.

I’ve got this permanent retainer on my lower teeth, and a small one on my upper teeth…so they like to play around with the lower bar. It almost makes them giddy. I, on the otherhand, cringe at the sound of the metal-on-metal/metal-on-enamel that occurs inside my mouth. It makes my eyes want to water and my ears to burst at the memory. DH proceeds to ask me all these questions about my life. Of course, I either answer by saying something inaudible, or wait until she’s done with what she’s doing. Turns out, she’s one of those DH’s who are interested in your answer, so she takes her fists out of my mouth after she asks me anything. How nice. Whatever. Somehow, she knew my summer job for the past two years, as well as what year I was in college and what I was going for. Some of my own relatives don’t know these things! And she’s never been the DH for me in check-ups of the past. I was impressed, to a point.

Anyway, my teeth are respectable enough for the Dentist to see me. His name is Dr. Boeyink (pronounced BOINK!). That makes me like him. Then, to my horror, he looks at my X-ray and says to DH, “Thirty needs an M-O.” What’s an M-O?! It was never said. I guess it’s one of those things that can never be uttered out loud in the Dentist office. Like Macbeth should never be said on a stage, unless that particular performance is in fact, Macbeth. Whatever. DH says, “She had one on 29 in 2004 too.” As if I’m not already self-conscious about being in there. BOINK! looks at my teeth and says to DH, “Let’s get another X-ray of wing thirty bite, I want to see another.” Who are these people, Dental Wind Talkers? It’s getting a bit ridiculous. She takes another X-ray of my ‘wing thirty bite’ and it turns out the original X-ray just had a flaw in the development process. Whatever. I bid my adieu and got my hiney out of there. What the heck is an M-O?

OK, bye bye!