Sue Conover’s favorite dance: The iPod Shuffle

Marissa, Adam, and me after church. Adam would normally put his arms around us, but he just had surgery and is in some pain. Mom and Dad looking lovely.

I am officially the only person in my family who does not own an mp3 player. My dad was the first person I knew to own any type of iPod, the mini. Adam received a regular player for Christmas last year before he went to London for the semester. Mom got an iPod shuffle for her birthday in September. Now Marissa received one for Christmas tonight. I told Marissa she needs to get a skin for it like Miles’ (he was the second person I ever knew to own an iPod product). She agreed she needs one. It will probably be girly.

Don’t feel bad for me though, I’ve never desired to own an mp3 player. I am completely content with my CDs and haven’t been into downloading songs. The funny thing tonight was watching Grandma and Grandpa listen to the iPod mini and iPod shuffle. They would hold the earpieces up to their ears and you’d see them ever so slightly bounce a little to the music. Adam wondered what the music scene will be like when we get to be our parents’ age. We decided that it will be kind of like The Matrix with a chip implanted in the brain. I joked that then you’d no doubtedly get songs stuck in your head. That would maybe suck.

Orlando is only a few days away and I’m pretty much ready for it. Things I will for sure need to buy while there include: one sixth of our gas, souvenirs for special people (family, Grandparents, Miles, Cari, Cici), food that we’re cooking, swimming with manitees. I also need to get my hands on an alligator and bring its head back for David. That will be the easy one. Anyway, I don’t know if I’ll be able to post while in Florida, so this may be my last post for almost 10 days. If that’s not the case, then I’ll try to post within the first couple days of being there. I leave for MN on Monday morning, fly out on Tuesday, and return the following Monday. Good times ahead. In any case, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Orlando Countdown: 3 days Money to spend: $150 + whatever I get paid at the end of the month Fun probability for the week: umm..really high!

OK, bye bye!