Rausch Reunion

I Scream As many of you know, the Rausch Reunion is held every even year over the 4th of July holiday. This year was my second time in attendance and it was in Bismarck, ND. On Thursday, we picked up cousin Dan, cousin Amy, sister Molly and sister Brenna at the Summit exit and drove Val and Paula’s suburban the rest of the way. That night, along with 13 other relatives, we went to Hancock, which I found disappointing. Late night, but we were able to sleep in on Friday morning. After a jog/walk, we (Miles, sister Molly and I) met up with cousins Molly and Jenny and headed to Art in the Park in a nearby town. Then we hung out at the pool and headed to a park for a family picnic, then Cold Stone and then to the capital mall area for fireworks.

Sound Asleep Saturday was the golf tournament for most of the group. About 18 of us had an alternative tournament for disc golf, which was started as a tradition at the last reunion. Cousin Brenna had put together the teams, and though I wasn’t originally, I ended up on the same team as Miles, which worked out quite well since we brought our own discs and could share. That night was Mass and the awards banquet. And let me tell you, it was long. My hips and back started hurting from sitting for so long, so I moved to the lobby where all the little kids were playing. At the time, the children were beginning to overthrow the leader of the games because they didn’t like all her rules. Ahh, to be young again and thwarting “the man”.

At the end of the banquet, they try to determine where the next reunion will be. They seemed to be pushing for the Colorado group, but they said they needed 4 years to plan it, so they’ll be hosting in 2012. It kind of got shoved on to Sioux Falls after that and last I’ve heard, that’s where it will be in 2010. So we’ll be a large part of the planning committee, since there are only a couple Rausch families living here.

After that, we all hung out in one small hotel room, which I quickly removed myself from. Cousin Chad let us pick out a wedding present from his collection of glass sculptures (many are vases, but not all) and we’re excited about the one we got! On Sunday, we all packed up and made our way back home. A great reunion, I’d say about 125+ Rausch family members, which is intense. On to 2010.