Went to Big Stone, but never saw one…

Miles and Holli in Big Stone CityWell, now that the blog is back up and running, I figure it’s time to post about my weekend in Miles‘ hometown, Big Stone City, SD.

We (Miles, David, and I) left Madison near 6:00 on Friday and were well on our way. We dropped David off and arrived at Miles’ house. After being hugged and sniffed (don’t forget, they have three dogs), we settled in for some pizza and catching up. I had met his family on Christmas Day in Sioux Falls, but didn’t get to have much of a conversation with anyone. The “I Love Iowa” graphic I made for The Honorable Val Rausch a few weeks ago was conveniently on display behind Pizza Ranch coupons. I’d imagine he was being threatened at the capital for having it.

Tony came over and we set in to watch a movie upstairs, Ghostbusters 2. Turns out, there was a ghost special on TV, followed by a second ghost special. So we didn’t watch the movie. David, Tyler, and two chicks came over, too and we all had a laugh or two. My back started hurting so I was going to walk around and found Paula watching TV downstairs and talked with her for a while; mainly about computers and teaching. Bed time was later.

Woke up Saturday morning earlier than planned and woke up Miles. He enjoyed that a hecka lot. We took our Art History II online quiz, which was twice as frustrating as expected. And I remembered that I had to write something for Literature, ughhh! We ate some lunch, almost saw Molly eat food that the dog ate from, said hello to Tony, and went on a tour of Big Stone City, SD and Ortonville, MN. We tried to get into the Rausch Bros. building, but Miles didn’t know anything and couldn’t find the key. On the tours I saw a cemetery, almost got hit by a train, almost hit a dog, took lots of pictures, froze my toes off, saw relatives’ houses, saw The Honorable’s office and some of his equipment, and saw some other interesting things that Miles would explain to me. Then I’d remember that I had to write something for Literature, ugghhh!

Tony and Holli Miles, Tony, and I watched the movie version of Chicago, which I had seen on Broadway in London last March. It was very good and reminded me a lot of the on-stage one, but there were a couple characters that I liked casted in London better than in the movie. I’ve had the show’s songs stuck in my head all week. We ate spaghetti, which Tony was too good for. Then I went upstairs to write my thing for Literature, uggggghhhhhhh! Tony taught me how to play cribbage, and although I don’t suck, I think I got sor’d. David, Tyler, and Kelsey came over and it was decided that we’d play Apples to Apples; Paula bought it earlier that day.

The first round, when Miles picked the card, he picked mine. Yippeee! Then when I picked the card, I picked his. Crazy…! Then everything went downhill. Every time the card I laid down was read, Miles would laugh/scoff under his breath. He didn’t know they were mine, but after every round I was sure to inform him that he scoffed at mine. He felt bad every time. I think. Finally he stopped laughing at all. Then the game seemed to stop. And everybody left or went to bed.

We woke up for Mass on Sunday and Brenna and I shared a book thing…I don’t know what they’re actually called. I often would say “God” instead of “Lord” and such things when reading from it. Oops. But Miles and Paula’s guitar playing sounded great, so that makes up for it. I even got my voice blessed, but I didn’t know what was happening. Molly and Brenna argued about how they were related to some people in church. It ended up that Brenna was right. Then we went to Milbank for a pancake feed. I saw Paula’s school and we bought groceries and picked up David and I drove back so Miles could finish up a sketch for Comedy Bytes. I fell asleep for an hour back at Miles’ apartment while he wrote some more and made supper. I was in my dorm and in bed by 11:30 I think.

Two similarities I had with Miles’ sisters this weekend: Brenna – Knights of Columbus free throw thing. I don’t know how far she was on Sunday, but I think she might have been at the level I was at when I lost. I haven’t heard how she did. Molly – USD Governor’s Leadership Luncheon. She was filling out her information for the event while I was there and I tried to help her. Good thing there’s white out. If you google “Holli Gregg”, my thing at the Luncheon comes up somewhere on the first page.

This weekend we head to Marshall, MN to meet up with my good friend Katie Burnight, and Miles’ brother Bryce among many others. It should be an extremely great time. Yay for travels.

I hope to get a new theme sometime soon.

OK, bye bye!