On a Walk


Potato Man Today I went on a photo walk. I strolled around Terrace Park/Japanese Garden and McKennan Park. I had gone on a walk this morning and knew it would be a beautiful day for photos. Since I needed something to do as some commissioned design work was on hold, I decided it was now or never.

I was feeling less than inspired without a live model to help me out, but I think there were some great photos that came out of just 90 minutes of walking around. I couldn’t see the LCD screen hardly at all because of the sun so I just guessed at exposures and took multiple photos at different angles and exposures to be sure I got something useful. You can see all of the photos in my Photo Walk 08-20-08 set and I also took some photos of textures that have several different uses, some of which have been applied to several photos in the Photo Walk set.

Check out the set and tell me which photo is your favorite!