Go Bison(s)!

NDSU vs SDSUI had a busy week, I’m pretty sure of it. But I can’t remember a thing from it. I do know, however, that I will be cutting down on my extracurriculars after this semester. I’m feeling the effects of stress, which influence how good of a night’s sleep I get, which influences how my body functions. Mainly, I see the effects in my face. Also, I would like to try-out for the spring play, but I can’t find more than one night in the week where I could attend a rehearsal.

I’ll be taking some more in-depth project-based classes next year, which will not leave me much elbow room. I only have two project-based classes this semester, as opposed to five this coming fall. Things I will no longer be involved with: SIFE (I can never make the meetings anyway), Student Senate (although I like it, I always leave the meetings frustrated and stressed), Hall Council (by default as an RA, I shouldn’t even be on it this year), and Student Ambassadors (I just don’t have the time anymore to give tours). What will be left in my extra curriculars will be RA, Drama Club, Intervarsity, Comedy Bytes (still undecided), band (undecided; a class may interfere with it), and my two off-campus jobs: KJAM and Daktronics. It may also free up some time if I wanted to be involved in a fall theatrical production, other than Comedy Bytes.

From this week, I DO remember a few things. Miles and I have finished Season two and most of Season three of Arrested Development. I didn’t work at KJAM after Tuesday night. I am working on an advertising project for Daktronics. And I give a presentation on Tuesday for Composition.

Last night, I joined Miles and a lot of his family and friends at an NDSU vs. SDSU men’s basketball game. Miles’ uncle, Tim Miles, is the head coach for the Bison. It was a fun time, but I felt like I was in what my friend Heather calls “sensory overload”. Last year, Daktronics installed a bunch of video/ad/scoreboard products in the Frost Arena, and I got to view it for the first time. There’s one on the floor by the scorers’ table, the centerhang with foursides of instant replay and other things, and above the crowd is a long panel of video stuff. I do really know the technical terms for these products, but I don’t think it’s OK to type them out. There were also scoreboards with SDSU athletes’ pictures filtered on them. Sometimes the SNL Christopher Walken sketch would come up on the centerhang and when he says, “the prescription is more cowbell,” the SDSU crowd goes nuts with their cowbells. Headache city. Although the Bison ended up losing by two, it really was a good time, even though Bryce was there. David sends dirty text messages. Miles let someone other than the two of us take a picture of us, thanks to Sue. We got asked to go on a double-date by Miles’ grandpa. Check out Miles’ pictures of the night here. I also was informed how tricksy I was with my sarcastic post last week. I guess lots of people thought I was serious. I don’t know if this means I’m really good at sarcasm or extremely horrible at it.

At Mass this morning, there was a cute kid in front of us. He had binoculars with him and kept looking around. It was so adorable. He would look at his dad through them and start giggling. I think I’m starting to get over my “I want to steal little kids” stage and entering a “I think that kid is cute” stage. It’s probably safer.