I wish I had a bloody British accent

At the Senate meeting Wednesday, I announced my plans for not running for another year. It felt nice to get it out there so they know. I think a couple expected me to be running for an office, but….they were wrong. That night I had a floor program which was a movie night. We watched Elizabethtown. Well, I didn’t really. I was in the room, but I had so much writing to do for two classes that I did that instead of watch the movie. So I can’t give a review on it. There were 6 girls from my floor in the room…which is what I expected. I would have to say it was even successful…which is sad for less than 1/5 of my floor participating.

Miles and I rented Love Actually and Multiplicity last night. I had not given Love Actually a fair chance when I first watched it two summers ago. I only gave it 10 minutes and I wasn’t in the right mood for a romantic movie. Miles really liked it when he saw it, so I gave it another go. Turns out, I really enjoyed the movie. And I was glad that I saw it, technically for the first time, with him. He has never seen Multiplicity, and I thought it was very funny. Especially the 4th Michael Keaton character. We’ll watch that sometime between now and Thursday.

I received my Comedy Bytes embroidered shirt today; it looks awesome! I’m pretty excited. It’s a blue and black bowling shirt, with my name embroidered on the left side above the pocket, “Comedy Bytes Improv” embroidered on the right sleeve, and DSU’s logo on the left sleeve. Miles and I put ours on and we instantly felt professional. Miles described the moment as, “I feel like we know what we’re doing.” Which is funny…because with improv, we rarely know what we’re doing…! Anyway, thanks to Dr. Knowlton, we will look good onstage.

The casting was announced today for the two spring plays. Miles was cast in the role I expected him to be, which is a good fit. I was cast in both plays, as characters I didn’t audition as. But Sue knows me pretty well and how I act, or nact as some would say. So I trust her judgement. I’m a little disappointed I was cast in both productions, just because my time for rehearsing is so limited…but I’ll be OK. It’s only for one month. And March should be my least busiest month.

I will be updating my bulletin board this weekend, so hopefully I’ll get a picture taken before my next post. Sorry this one doesn’t have any eyecandy along with it.