Cushion for our rears

New CouchWe inherited our old couch and love seat about a year ago from my brother and sister-in-law when they moved into their house. They worked out great for a while.  Sometime last spring, the bottom of the couch started to fall out.  We just figured it was oldish because we had gotten it at least third-hand (my brother had gotten it at a garage sale). We can’t pinpoint it to a specific incident, but I do know it was after the LOST weekend, otherwise people wouldn’t have been able to sit on it for very long.  It became uncomfortable and I stopped sitting on it unless we had guests – and sometimes not even then.

Earlier this fall, Miles got fed up with it and flipped the couch over.  It appeared that the right side had never had any sort of bracing to help support it – it’s not that it had fallen off or broken off a few years ago, it was never there in the first place.  But there was one on the left side.  So Miles pounded in some of the nails that were pulling out and we braced up the back end with a stack of text books and figured that would get us through a few more months.  (We had planned to buy new furniture early in 2009.)  Unfortunately, last Saturday the couch completely broke. Any sort of support we were getting from the fabric fell out and it was no longer usable.  We put it out on our back patio to get it out of the living room and then felt sorry for ourselves.

Sunday, while eating with some of Miles’s family, we looked through the ads in the paper and found a great deal from HOM Furniture.  They had the financing we needed and also had a pretty big sale.  So we decided we’d check it out and see if we could find anything good.  We looked around the store, sat on a ton of couches (which ended up being really exhausting for me) and just when we had almost decided on one, I found the couch I was looking for.  And we bought it.  It came as a set with a chair and a really nice ottoman/table, but we decided we couldn’t afford to get a set and we settled with just the couch and will make do with mismatched furniture for now – we are keeping the original love seat because it’s still in good shape.

It was delivered on Thursday and we discuss the delivery timing in this week’s Dear Future Kids podcast. (Which, I no longer plan to plug weekly – but there is a link in my sidebar to it so be sure to check it out every week!)

I love this couch. I needed one that was comfortable to sit in and nap on. This is it.  It looks like leather but it’s actually microfiber and that’s obvious as soon as you sit on it or touch it.  It will be difficult to match to in the future, if we don’t get the same style of furniture, but people make it work and all you need is a couple of matching pillows to tie a room together so I’m not too concerned.  Now you must all come visit our couch!