Fargo or bust

So I realized on Sunday night that I didn’t take any pictures throughout the entire weekend.  Sorry for no eye candy.

We arrived in Fargo, ND at around 11:00pm on Friday.  We all got settled in, ordered pizza and just hung out for five more hours.  Late night.  I woke up around 11 the next day, which is very good for me.  Especially since there were 6 other people sleeping in the same room who had woken up earlier.  I was tired though…it had been a long and busy week.

Tony’s got a nice house though.  I was impressed with its cleanliness and it was very roomy for all of us.  Way to go Tony!

Lindsey and Bryce went to visit a friend, who transferred from SMSU, for the afternoon.  The rest of us went to eat at Grand Junction.  It was pretty darn tasty, if I do say so myself.  We got the elaborate tour from Tony of the NDSU campus (consisting of a dorm, ag buildings by Bryce’s request, and pointing out the engineering area).  It was OK with me because I started to feel sick and wasn’t up for much.  No worries though, it was all a fluke.  We went to the mall, where I searched for a coat to no avail.  Boys walk slow.

Then we went back to Tony’s house and played Playstation, or were online.  Miles worked on Tony’s computer problem.  I shopped online for a coat to no avail.  Then we went to go eat at an Alien restaurant.  But the wait was too long and Chris complained.  Then we went to Bennigans and Chris complained, but we ate there anyway.  Tasty again.

After we ate, we went to Miles’s uncle Tim’s house.  His kindergarten daughter Ava gave us all a tour of the new house and baby Gabe showed off his basketball skills on a Playskool hoop.  Then I decided it was time to play with the kids, because that is what I do.  I play with kids.  All was well for a while.  Then Gabe got sad and scared of Chris (who isn’t?)  And it all went down hill.  But it was still a good time to just hang out there.  Miles spent most of his time working on their computer problem.

We left and played some Playstation and I got overexcited with the tennis game.  Turns out I’m a loser.  We were in bed around 3.  Church the next morning at 10:30, then we went to eat at Perkins while Chris kind of complained.  Next we went to eat at IHOP, where Chris didn’t complain at all.  Finally, we decided on the mall food court and Chris complained about his dessert choice.

We left and were back in Big Stone for a few hours.  Miles worked on The Honorable’s computer problem.  (See the recurring theme?)  And David watched basketball until we left.  I had some homemade potato soup to-go as we trucked back to Madison to work on homework and play lines.  Exhausting!

I’ll be posting soon about RA interviews and my interesting finds.