Interview for you?

After interviewing boys and girls the past couple of nights, I am beat. But I found it interesting to be on the flip side of an interview process. It really is true that you are being observed from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave. I found myself subconsciously making mental notes (good and bad) based on many different things:

Chewing gum throughout the night.

Not dressed appropriately for the occasion.

Would not speak within a group, unless specifically spoken to.

Interrupting (rudely), with little respect for others’ thoughts and opinions.

Also polite/respectful enough to sit back and let others speak instead of themselves, even when they clearly had the answers early on.

Had the courage to tell someone she/he didn’t agree with the decision and explained how the issue could better be solved.

Nervous picking at clothes.

The list goes on. And of course, this wasn’t observed in every interviewee…I just found it extremely interesting. It got me thinking about what I do during an interview. Keep these things in mind the next time you’re in the hot seat!