Most people can’t wait for Friday to come. I never really was the kind of person who lived for the weekend. While I enjoy the time to relax on weekends, it’s not something I hold onto just to get through the week. And due to recent events, I’ve found even less reason to look forward to Friday. Too many things happened on Fridays and I am reminded of them on this day of the week especially, even if only temporarily.

It was a Friday night that we discovered I was pregnant. The first day of the next week in development began on Fridays – it was something we looked forward to. Our doctor appointments were on Fridays. And so, the day of the ultrasound when we found out we didn’t have a developing baby anymore, was on a Friday. The blood tests I have every week since are taken on Friday; therefore, it’s on Fridays that I find out I still test positive for pregnancy.

I don’t dread the arrival of the day. There’s nothing I can do about that. Friday will come and go like all of the other days. It’s just that Friday brought excitement and then one Friday everything changed so quickly. Eventually, I’ll think of Fridays like I used to – not much different than any other day. That will happen when Fridays become less eventful.