Having A Place

I’ve done some reorganization. Some of it seemed necessary, some really was OK where it was. But sometimes, I just need a project. And I feel like my life is improved because of it.

Laundry room Bathroom

Dresser area Closet

1. Laundry Room – I kept looking at the walls in my laundry room and think, “This space could be better utilized.” So I forced my husband to spend way too much of his very little free time to install the shelf on the side of the room. Everything that’s on that shelf was on the floor or a small stool on the floor. I can now actually stand directly in front of the washer. And it is SO nice. Still a couple things on the floor, but totally bearable.

2. Master Bathroom – I purchased this stand and put it together myself (handywoman!) Again, I thought “This space could better be utilized.” We have little storage space in the bathroom, so previously, the towels weren’t in here. Which really doesn’t make much sense.

3. Bedroom – The rubbermaid storage container used to be in the bathroom next to the sink and the things on the bottom shelf of the bathroom stand used to be on top of this in there. This could have still remained in the bathroom, but it seemed to work just as good out here. Most of the things in there were mine anyway and are replacement products that just need to be stored somewhere.

4. Closet – This is my side of the closet. Again, it seemed as though that space could be better utilized. Things on the floor, sweaters piled too high on top so I could only wear a couple of them because they were easier to grab. This rubbermaid container used to be next to my dresser and hold the bathroom towels. Now it holds clothes that don’t need to be hung up but need a place – tank tops, zip-up sweaters, and sweatshirts. Which frees up space on top to more evenly store sweaters and leaves more space in my closet for easier viewing of items.

Feels good!