Mixing drinks

nestea.jpgLately, Miles and I have been on an iced tea kick. When I think of having something cool and refreshing to quench my thirst, a nice bottle of tea sounds great. I admit, it is an acquired taste. I believe I aquired it from my Dad’s tea habits; Miles acquired it from HS theater using it for alcoholic beverages on stage. We’ve tried Lipton and Brisk. Miles is a big Brisk fan. Nestea is also pretty delicious in my opinion. But what is the best of all?…Guavatea.

It all started the summer of 05 in Spirit Lake, Iowa at the United Methodist Camp and Retreat Center. The juice machine was replaced with a newer, better one. Among things replaced, the beloved peach juice concentrate. It was swapped with guava juice. Not many cared for guava juice, mainly because of their sole dedication to peach juice but also because of its potency. Also included in the new machine was tea. The tea was strong; so strong that most vowed never to have tea again. It even made some develop a twitch.

I, however, did not give up. No, someone (possibly me, but I don’t remember) created an invention that soon became known as GUAVATEA! It required a precise mixture of 60% tea, 40% guava juice. Some argued that the best mixture is 40% tea, 60% guava juice…but they’re wrong. This stuff was absolutely delicious. I’m salivating.

Guavatea wasn’t only good for thirst. It was great for jokes like “This guavatea is so strong, I’m going to fall flat on the ground!” Get it? Gravity?