Flower Power

flowerI have never been a huge flower person. Not like a lot of girls, anyway. I do think they’re pretty and smell nice and are extremely thoughtful…but when Valentine’s Day comes around, or my birthday, flowers are not something I expect. Nor do I get disappointed when I don’t get them. But after recounting the past two semesters, I realized I have received an amount of flowers probably equal to what I have ever received in the past.

Homecoming (Sept. 2005)
Joyce and Mike Wiggins sent me a faux red rose along with a crown for good luck. They said something cheesy about no matter what, I’ll always be a queen in their hearts. *awwhh*

Date Auction (Sept. 2005)
I got a carnation thing when I was up on the date auction during Homecoming. I will not do anything like that again. Ever. Unless the money goes to me.

The Actor’s Nightmare (Apr. 2006)
Dr. Susan Conover gave each actor and actress a colored carnation, sprayed with glitter. Mine was pink.

The Actor’s Nightmare (Apr. 2006)
Miles sent me my favorite kind of flowers, pink daisies as a form of good luck.

Theater Awards Banquet (May 2006)
Dr. Conover gave each Comedy Bytes member a carnation, sprayed with glitter. Mine was yellow.

Battling Pianos (May 2006)
Dr. John Laflin and Barb Hegg asked me to be their page-turner for their duet recital. In appreciation, they gave me three red roses.

I’m starting to like them a little bit more.  :)