DSM Adventures

One day at work, I got bored. I noticed in my drawer that I didn’t have any rubberbands. I asked a coworker, Kristin, if she had any. She gave me a box that was half full. I decided to shoot them at coworkers. In fact, I spent nearly 30 minutes shooting them. They enjoyed it, especially since they got more rubberbands.

The next day I had a hunch…call it intuition, call it what you want, but I thought I better bring my fake poop feces to work with me the next day. I showed up at my desk, and it was absolutely covered with rubberbands. I would have taken a picture, but my camera’s dead. So, I “pooped” “feced” on Val’s chair (she’s one of the culprits). My poop feces traveled from desk to desk, surprising all, and bringing joy to everyone’s faces.

Today, I went in to work a few hours. Since it’s a holiday, I had to use my electronic key for the first time ever. I was the only one on 2nd floor. I decided to head downstairs to the lunchroom and buy a Powerade. I walked through lots of doors that are normally open during the day. As I made my way back, I ran into a door that doesn’t open. In fact, it’s locked. And my key is upstairs on my desk. Along with my cell phone, car keys, and hotel key. After lots of helpless thinking, knocking, searching, and tears, I decided I have to start walking to the hotel. As I leave the parking lot, a white van pulls in. I followed it and asked the driver if he had a key to the building. He had a key to ONE of them, and we didn’t know if it would work to mine. Turns out it did, and I returned to my desk. End of story.