A Whole Lotta Stuff

T-shirt IdeaMiles and I submitted a T-shirt idea for Campus Progressive, a political conference thing for college-aged students. This is what we submitted. Who knows if it will win anything. The coolest thing of all is that David Cross (Tobias from Arrested Development) is one of the judges!

I’ve been doing work for Larry Noble, an Iowa Senate candidate that my brother works for. I don’t want to put anything online with that, for the sake of his campaign. I made a fundraiser invitation and am now making another graphic for the campaign.

I’m helping a friend make some graphics for a website he is creating for a South Dakota organization. So far, I’ve made a new logo for them that seems to be accepted well.

Haji2 Miles and the rest of his family are currently on their way to France. I’m taking care of Haji. They’ll be gone until June 23rd. I went to Big Stone with him Friday, and they left for the cities on Saturday. We’ll maybe get to talk next week on our 6 month anniversary. Otherwise, I’ll be getting letters/postcards and hopefully email will be a good source. It’s lonely here in Brookings, since I don’t know anyone…so now that I won’t be talking on the phone with him for the next two weeks, I’ve got to find ways to keep myself busy. Tonight’s not going so well. If you’re bored in the next few weeks, please feel free to call and chat. :)

But last night, after a quick conversation with camp friend Bryan I made the 2 hour trip to Sioux City to meet up with 7 friends. Bryan, Debra, Luke, Deb, Ben, Doug, and Liz. I brought Haji. We ate at Red Robin and then went to Luke and Deb’s place to play lots of video games. If you know me and video games, it usually results in me standing up, yelling a lot, and twisting and turning my body. This video game consisted of purposely crashing your car and seeing how much damage in $ you make. But I was racing. And it was a long race. I got a head ache. Then I went to sleep in Haji’s designated room. When we woke up, we ate at Panera where we saw a man with a kilt. Then I left, shopped in Sioux Falls, and returned to Brookings. But I’m glad I got blessed with a very non-lonely night. I return to camp at Okoboji on Thursday night to help out for the weekend. So that is something to look forward to. I think Haji’s pooped out.

Bonne nuit! Good night!