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Holy firecrackersHere are some things I experienced this weekend that I have never encountered before at camp:

– I spent almost an entire day in front of a computer. I created a disc golf course map.

– I ate meatloaf. They were having a family reunion.

– I didn’t remember the words to some songs. “I will magnify the….who?”

– Trespassers set off firecrackers. Idiots. Check out the left overs in the picture.

– I was put in the sleeper hold. Luke was practicing what he’d do when he found the trespassers.

– I set Deb up with a blog at Blogger. Find it here.

– I almost ran over a turtle on the way there. I almost ran over a turtle at the same spot on the way back. Haji was in the car both times.

– I reinacted a scene from Tommy Boy. I’m a maniac…maniac on the floor.

– In a stretch of 10 miles on the road, I saw 12 ground squirrels. None of which where dead.

– I conducted a photo shoot of Mandy Shew really late at night. We were all drunk.

OK, so we weren’t drunk. But it was really late. And you should check them out because some of them are kind of funny. Most of them were taken on the verge of laughter…so it’s the best photo shoot ever.

I’m watching Family Guy right now. Congratulations to my brother Adam and Cari on their recent engagement! Also, congratulations to Miles’s brother Bryce and Lindsey on their recent engagement! It’s a happy time! Up next time, pictures from my apartment!

Come home soon, Miles!!! And tell your dad hello.