Welcome to my Crib(age) – get it?

Our humble abode Kyra and I are officially moved in and decorated! Our apartment is two stories. Main floor: kitchen, bathroom, sink area, my room, guest room. Second floor: living room, bathroom, sink are, Kyra’s room, door to balcony. It’s pretty sweet. Check it out!

Here are some things that I find enjoyable about our apartment:
(I like lists and they are easy to read)

  • We have a dishwasher. (Its name is Kyra. Haha, just kidding. We really do.)
  • The fact that there’s an upstairs.
  • Our own bathrooms.
  • Low rent.
  • Wireless internet and digital cable.
  • A guest room with pull-out loveseat and recliner.
  • Mailbox.
  • It costs $0.25 to dry your clothes.
  • Running water.
  • As many outlets as one could dream.
  • Closet space, galore.
  • Eye hole in the doors.
  • The balcony.
  • My roommate. Awwwh.
  • Indoor plumbing.
  • Locks.

My bathroomYep, ladies and gentlemen…I have it made. Except…

Here are some things that I find unenjoyable about our apartment:

  • Buying toilet paper.
  • Loud and intoxicated neighbors.
  • We don’t have forwarding addresses for the previous residents.
  • Sometimes you have to dry things twice, like jeans or towels.
  • I’m scared to look through the eyehole.
  • Mail doesn’t come until 2:00.
  • My landlord is super old and talks for too long.
  • My keys hit the door frame when I lock/unlock it.

So as it turns out…the good outweighs the horrific.