Vector Illustration Contest

Pure LaughterSo there is an illustration contest going on at Illustrator World. Voting begins July 1 and ends July 4 on the forums. I have submitted this image of my sister, Marissa. The original picture is below it.

Basically, what Adobe Illustrator is…it’s a program that lets you create vector images. So you could make something the size of a stamp, and scale it to be the size of a billboard and it would maintain its quality. Unlike in Adobe Photoshop, where images would be pixelated and low-quality and where filters are used. I’m a huge fan of Illustrator, myself. It’s good for things like logos, where you need multiple sizes of it. Easy to do. You use shapes and tools to create the image you want. After learning Illustrator my second semester of Freshman year, I ended up looking at most things as shapesOriginal picture within shapes rather than just objects. With this image of Marissa, I placed shapes upon shapes, gradient meshes within shapes, and layer arrangement to make it work out. It’s not the best one submitted in the contest, but I am fairly happy with the end result.

You may need to create an account to vote, I’m not sure. But I suggest you go to the site and check out everyone’s submissions and vote for the one or multiple ones that you like best. It’s pretty cool so check it out! Here’s the link to the contest. See the full size of my portrait and other submissions by professional and student artists!