Personality Art

Students created artworks that were inspired by aspects of their personality, as well as other art (literature, music, etc.) They created two artworks, acrylic and watercolor. The Museum of Visual Materials chose several artworks to be on display in their gallery for a couple of months this spring.


Students were to paint a layer of acrylic each day, building up on the previous day’s work. The twist: students could use a paintbrush for just one day. It was fun to see them experiment with different techniques and tools with this restriction! Most students did not use a brush at all.

Austin2 Emily2Julieann2 Olivia1

Fay2 Fiona1


Students were to use the watercolor medium to create artworks inspired by other art. Each group chose an art movement with which to incorporate into their art and a piece a written piece to inspire the theme. (Short story, book, poetry, quote, lyrics, etc.)

Fiona2 Alex2
Julieann1 Madison1 Malik1 Peyton2