Gotta go, gotta throw!

There’s a cookout this weekend at my apartment. Check out the invitation. Let me know if you think you’re coming so we can plan for you! Bring a board game or something.

At the reunion Rausch family reunion. It was this weekend. And I actually survived. I got crabby once, but nobody did anything. I think I was just tired.

Saturday morning, Miles, Bryce, Dan, Brenna, and I started the journey to Rapid City. We used Dan’s GPS thing, which was cool. Using that, it’s pretty much impossible to get lost. Unless you don’t know where you’re supposed to go. Then not even a GPS can help you!

We arrived and went to a special Mass for only Rausch’s. And me. They had everyone raise their hand as to how many would be taking communion. I think they did that so everyone knew I was not Catholic. But I was forgiven. We ate, and chatted. Then Miles left to discuss some things with people other than me. So I chatted with some of his cousins. David told sick jokes. And by sick, I mean wicked awesome. Basically, for the rest of the night I was half-asleep, so I won’t bother posting about it.

We woke up to start out on a hike at Spring Creek. Others went golfing on a practice round. It took us about 2.5 hours to finish the 3 mile hike. No one died, some got left behind, two fell down a cliff, and everyone saw a Killer Bear that almost tore us apart. The Killer Bear is a new species. After that, we chilled and ordered pizza. Then went to a picnic and hung out and met more people. I swang on the swingset and thought it would be a good idea to drink water at the same time. Not. Then we saw Rapid City’s fireworks. They were all right. I’ve never been a huge fan of them.

The next morning we went disc golfing while the sissies had their little golf tournament. I ended up tieing for 2nd in the women’s division for disc golf, so that’s exciting! It also inspired me to buy some discs of my own for Miles and I to go out and play with. Or really, anyone. I bought a 5-disc set and an extra putter so we each have one. I’m looking forward to it. Madison has 3 courses.

Then we got some food at the mall and went shopping for Miles because he wanted new shorts. Success, he got two new pair. We searched for sandals, but ran out of time to search too hard. Then there was the Rausch banquet, which was pretty fun. Then I got uber-tired and almost killed a man, I was so crabby. A few of us went to Superman Returns and I changed my life around from crime. Great movie. Then we basically fell asleep and woke up and left. Last night, Miles and I watched The Weatherman…not what I was expecting. Not really all that good.

Come play disc golf with us.