[hair] Do the Dew!

EXTREME! I’d say the cookout was a success. Here is a list of weirdos attendees and how they contributed:

  • Kyra [roommate] – Split cost of cookout, split cleaning duties. Helped set-up/take-down. A frisbee. Owned a grill.
  • Miles [boyfriend] – Took lots of amazing pictures. My friends like attention. Therefore, they like Miles. Also helped with set-up/take-down and entertainment.
  • Tyler [roommate’s boyfriend] – Started the grill. Grilled the meat.
  • Emily [camp friend] – Entertainment and laughs. As expected.
  • Bryan [camp friend] – Good conversation. Great frisbee stunts. Macking on Emily. Just kidding!
  • Ben [camp friend] – A 24-hour-old mohawk. Useless Excessive Disney knowledge. Extreme extremeness. Angry face. A football.
  • Ariela [Daktronics friend] – Delicious strawberry dessert. Ability to chat with my friends as well as Kyra’s.
  • Father Paul [Priest, Tyler’s roommate] – Good conversation. A place to go to church the next morning.
  • Bob and Danielle [Kyra’s friends] – Bob helped us move in last month. I don’t know Danielle.

Kyra kind of waited too late to invite people, so not many of hers could make it. But it was a fun, intimate gathering. One of my favorite moments: Ben is chugging Mountain Dew as Miles takes the picture. He pulls the bottle away from his lips and angrily shouts, “Did you even TAKE a picture?” Yes…yes, he did.

That mohawk is intense.