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Rausch Reunion

I Scream As many of you know, the Rausch Reunion is held every even year over the 4th of July holiday. This year was my second time in attendance and it was in Bismarck, ND. On Thursday, we picked up cousin Dan, cousin Amy, sister Molly and sister Brenna at the Summit exit and drove Val and Paula’s suburban the rest of the way. That night, along with 13 other relatives, we went to Hancock, which I found disappointing. Late night, but we were able to sleep in on Friday morning. After a jog/walk, we (Miles, sister Molly and I) met up with cousins Molly and Jenny and headed to Art in the Park in a nearby town. Then we hung out at the pool and headed to a park for a family picnic, then Cold Stone and then to the capital mall area for fireworks.

Sound Asleep Saturday was the golf tournament for most of the group. About 18 of us had an alternative tournament for disc golf, which was started as a tradition at the last reunion. Cousin Brenna had put together the teams, and though I wasn’t originally, I ended up on the same team as Miles, which worked out quite well since we brought our own discs and could share. That night was Mass and the awards banquet. And let me tell you, it was long. My hips and back started hurting from sitting for so long, so I moved to the lobby where all the little kids were playing. At the time, the children were beginning to overthrow the leader of the games because they didn’t like all her rules. Ahh, to be young again and thwarting “the man”.

At the end of the banquet, they try to determine where the next reunion will be. They seemed to be pushing for the Colorado group, but they said they needed 4 years to plan it, so they’ll be hosting in 2012. It kind of got shoved on to Sioux Falls after that and last I’ve heard, that’s where it will be in 2010. So we’ll be a large part of the planning committee, since there are only a couple Rausch families living here.

After that, we all hung out in one small hotel room, which I quickly removed myself from. Cousin Chad let us pick out a wedding present from his collection of glass sculptures (many are vases, but not all) and we’re excited about the one we got! On Sunday, we all packed up and made our way back home. A great reunion, I’d say about 125+ Rausch family members, which is intense. On to 2010.


I thought I’d write a post summing up what’s been going on in my life.

I’ve been having sleeping issues. I’ve kind of had sleep issues my whole life. But more recently, I’ve been waking up anywhere from one-eight times a night. One night I woke up every half hour or so, and really didn’t get sleep at all. I took the afternoon off from work the next day. I’m light-sensitive, sound-sensitive, and movement-sensitive. I know when Miles gets out of bed and returns to bed and often wake up (luckily, he very rarely gets out of bed). I sleep with a sleeping mask and ear plugs but still wake up to sounds in the night. I have a hard time getting comfortable and I think that’s due to my back issues.

I’ve been going to the chiropractor for the last two years because about eight years ago, I stepped in an irrigation trench-thing while detasseling in a corn field and it caused my hips to be crooked, causing my spine to make up for the shift in weight/pressure on one side. I wear an insert in my shoe to make up for it, but as soon as I walk barefoot, it starts overcorrecting again, causing pain. I had back issues before, but it was more stress-induced and could be worked out with a good night sleep or back rub. Now that’s not enough. And now it’s keeping me from falling asleep quickly. I hadn’t been realigned since before the wedding, mostly because I didn’t want to bother finding another chiropractor that I could trust. But it’s gotten to the point where I need to get readjusted. Unfortunately, our insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic health. Most places the alignment fee is like $35 which isn’t bad, except that I should be going every other week to be pain free. Until we have it insured, I’ll just be going when I absolutely need to. Which will be more often than 5 months from now on.

I’ve been having headaches. It started with two (about two-three weeks apart) that may have been migraines. I’ve never had a migraine before, and don’t want to spend money going to the doctor to find out if they were, but they were the most intense head aches I’ve ever had before. The second one being so bad that when I tried to move, I felt like I was going to throw up. Since then there’s been a dull pain in my head, it feels like it’s behind my left eye and there hasn’t been a day in the last three weeks that I haven’t noticed it. At night, even with the sleeping mask, it feels like my left eye is wide open in a lit room. Causing more issues falling asleep.

I have a chiropractic appointment for Wednesday. I’m hoping it will take care of all my recent problems – head aches, back/neck/shoulder aches, and sleep problems. And to be honest, those are the main things going on in my life right now because it’s hard to think of anything else.

Quick things that have been going on: I got 3rd place in 3D design in Beadle Mania, to which I didn’t submit anything (a professor of mine submitted my character animation of the baby). It’s nice to have a paycheck and be able to put some money away for a future house (I’d like to live in a neighboring small town, like Harrisburg). I’m totally loving LOST and can’t wait for the finale, even though I know it means waiting 8 months for a new episode. I’m listening to a lot of design/media/geek related podcasts lately and it keeps my mind busy at work. I do plan to post about “The Movie Club” soon, and the explanation of it won’t be in the form of a riddle. Or lame.

Ahh, to be 21 again…

Photo of Megaphone and CampersHere’s a list of “firsts” that happened when I was 21.

  • Rented a House
  • Received 1st place in 2D for my photo in Beadlemania
  • Discovered I didn’t like alcohol, only the fruity stuff in mixed drinks
    • I found out I like juice
  • Became a Mary Kay independent beauty consultant
  • Worked at my favorite place of employment
  • Gained a sister-in-law
  • Later gained a brother-in-law, three sisters-in-law, and parents-in-law
  • Took a summer class – Zoology – and enjoyed it
  • Finished Harry Potter
  • Acted in a traveling children’s show
  • Posed for many more photos than I ever want to for the rest of my life
  • Visited Philly
  • Modeled and animated a 3D character
  • Wrote this letter to Andrew Wilson
  • Began creating monthly wallpapers
  • Was in the top two for a great job and didn’t get it, triggering the beginning of no graphic design openings in a 50 mile radius
  • Gave one of two student speeches at graduation
  • Graduated a semester early, summa cum laude
  • Fell in love with Albie
  • Started a “favorite songs” blog posting excursion and failed to complete it
  • Cheered on my fiance as he applied for and obtained employment with a company I’ve wanted to be a part of
  • Photo of Animal Crackers and Imaginary Friends Took a painting class and decided I mega-loathe it
  • Spent Christmas away from home
  • Got married
    • Died a little
      • I kid!
  • Acted dead
  • Began responding to a new last name
  • Vacationed to the happiest place on earth with the only man on earth that makes me happiest
  • Owned a TV bigger than 27″
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the company of an 18 month old
  • Gained a permanent roommate
  • Was unemployed for over 2 months
  • Detached from the blogs
  • Watched an entire Season (and then some) of LOST in less than 48 hours

Wow, I guess I had a lot going on in the past year…!


I have officially been unemployed for a month. While half of it I was caught up in the hustle and bustle of the wedding and honeymoon and working on Thank You cards, the rest has been putting the apartment together – 15%, job searching & portfolio/resume changes – 15%, reading – 20%, watching TV – no percentage because it’s on in the background, designing – 8%, trying new recipes – 5%, baking – 2%, running errands – 5%, and going stir-crazy – 30%. Now, after doing what seems like nothing all day, I have been having problems sleeping at night.

I’m longing for routine. I’m bored, restless and lonely. I only get calls in the middle of the day if it’s from a number I don’t know. Frankly, I don’t know if I’d feel like talking if it were any one else anyway. On weekends, Miles wants/needs to relax and even though I’ve done it all week long, I don’t think I’d feel like doing anything else. I have commercials memorized. The living room is a mess (or at least my area of the living room), an unorganized assortment of resumes, labels, Thank You’s, coasters, DVDs, envelopes, stamps, portfolio CDs, cords, etc.

Happy Accident If any of you know me, you should know by the percentage of time I’ve spent reading that something is not normal in my daily life. I know that this will probably be the last time I ever have this kind of time on my hands without a job, baby, or other larger responsibilities to worry about. And yet, it’s really hard to try to enjoy it – in fact, I really don’t enjoy it. And I’m not OK with it. I want to contribute to our income. I want to contribute to a company. I want to have something to do. The only problem is, I want to design. Even though I haven’t spent much time designing in my time off, I am very proud of what I have done. And it’s getting some sort of recognition, as what I’ve designed was for a contest. It hasn’t won anything yet and may not win anything at all, but two of my three designs for the contest were featured on the judge’s blog in an assortment of ones that grabbed her attention.

That gave me the confidence I needed today when I left for the SD Big Job Fair. I was asking nearly every booth “Are you currently looking for a graphic designer?” Of course, nothing design-related really came of the Job Fair because nearly no one in Sioux Falls is looking for graphic designers right now. But I do have a few leads from outside the Job Fair, one of which would mean commuting. If nothing substantial comes soon, I will be taking a job outside of designing. Which, to me, is a shame because why shouldn’t I be able to do what I love and am passionate about?

I know I’m a great designer and I have two years of relevant experience – more than many of my peers have at graduation. Unfortunately, graphic design is a popular degree right now, and no one is leaving their design positions in the area. I’ve been told many times that I’m “in demand” in this town. If that’s true, I wouldn’t know, because so few are hiring – and if they are, they’re looking for people who can be Directors. Not typically a position for recent grads.

I’m going to start sending out my electronic portfolio with my resume. Though my resume gets lots of comments on its originality and strong design qualities, I feel that my portfolio proves that I’m not just designing for class projects and that I do have real world experience and a creative eye, which gives me an edge.

Thanks, faithful readers, for reading this far as I vent about what I’ve needed to vent about for a month. Though I know many of you probably dreaded a long post, as I sometimes do, I appreciate you.

In somewhat related news, I was accepted into a graduate program in Georgia, for studying broadcast design. Miles and I decided we won’t be going – it doesn’t make sense for us to uproot and go to grad school if he has a job he loves. And hopefully I will too, soon. I am considering the option of getting that degree, through the same school, online. It would require some new software, which is – of course – expensive. And since I’m running on my last dollar, we can’t make any commitments right now. But that’s where I’m at.

Also, I finished HP5. Here’s to another 6 months working on reading about The Boy Who Lived.

The Real Speech

OK, well, the previous post wasn’t the speech I gave on Sunday. Neither was Miles’s post.

from the podium If you go here, you can watch a video of the ceremony (I think you need Windows Media Player to view). Fast forward to 49:14 (it might need to load for a second or two) and it’s about the time where I’m being introduced. My speech is like 4 minutes long, so don’t worry about wasting your time. Unless you absolutely could care less. In that case, why are you reading my blog in the first place? Everything went well, no big flub ups, and I even got a sweet picture out of the deal! Not many people would have a shot similar to this one.  I enjoy seeing my professors giving cheesy smiles (well, most of them anyway…) but wish I could have gotten the whole front row. I know at least one reader was cut out of the picture. Otherwise, Miles, Paula, and my dad taped it. It might be easier to wait to watch one of those (I’m sure Miles’s will end up online) for all you who don’t want to go through the work of clicking on the link.

Thanks to everyone who came: Miles, Mom, Dad, Marissa, Val, Paula, Grandma and Grandpa.  And everyone who said they were going to, but backed out: Tony.