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Water Safety

Water Safety sketch Water Safety

After a month skipped, I contributed to the June issue of 605 Magazine once again. But if you’re looking for me in the bio section, you won’t find it. I was forgotted. But that is OK with me. The article I was to provide an illustration for was about water safety in the summer, particularly lake safety. Having spent many summers as a camp counselor on a lake, I know water-related accidents are serious and scary. I chose to do a more comical illustration. I kind of wish I had read the article before choosing to go that route. It just is too light-hearted. We chose not to illustrate an article in May for the same reason. Maybe should have gone in a different direction. Oh well, you live and you learn I guess.

Drink Up!

soda sketch soda illustration

Initial sketch to final illustration, here is my contribution to the April issue of 605 Magazine. It was for an article that gave creative ideas for graduation party invitations. One of the ideas, obviously, was to put your party information on a soda bottle. In the final version in the magazine, I noticed one small error, which was my fault. (A consequence of indirectly working with the magazine and therefore, not seeing a proof.) Otherwise the overall quality was much better than last time.

Final Illustration

Recession article

The final illustration was published in 605 Magazine, a new Sioux Falls magazine for young adults. After seeing it in print, there are things I would do differently, but that’s the way it goes. And if I’m asked again to contribute, I’ll have a more streamlined process and know what tweaks to make the next go-around.

I was also listed on the 605 Contributors page:


Emo Husband

Power Bill 2

Step 1: Scan and share brainstorming sketches.

Step 2: Take the brainstorming sketches and make a more detailed sketch of husband. Change his hairstyle to make him look ten years younger. Remove facial hair and glasses so he doesn’t look like a web developer.

Step 3: Scan and share.

Last I heard, the actual finished version of this project (using Illustrator and Photoshop) has been sent to the printer. So, next time, you should be seeing the finished version.

Fun fact: While posing for this sketch, Miles was holding a book featuring paintings of Zdzislaw Beksinski. Google him if you want nightmares. I dare you.

Brainstorming Sketches

moped power bill

Working on an illustration to contribute to a local project. The theme is, obviously, about the economic downturn. These are my initial sketches. I may post more later as they develop more substantially, or I may wait until the final design has been published. I know you’re curious, so I’ll just go ahead and answer some of your questions now.

  • Yes, that is a line drawing of the back of a car. I think the wheels give it away.
  • Yes, the girl’s left hand is huge. She feels self-conscious about it, so…thanks for pointing it out.
  • No, that candle is not floating.
  • Yes, I realize that by having a “No Right Turn” sign, it makes one assume there is no way to recovery. After sketching this, I thought a “Rough Road” sign might translate better.
  • No, that woman has no torso and yes, her arm connects to her ear.
  • Yes, the moped dude’s anatomy is loosely based off my mental image of someone I know. No, I won’t tell you who.
  • No, that awkward-looking crotch will not make it to the final illustration. Shucks.
  • Yes, those are my husband’s legs. But *he* has feet.