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My hometown Youth for Christ organization asked me to create a graphic for their new building, called “Crosswalk”.  They wanted something that was more of the intersection crosswalk, than overtly Christian but also hoped a cross could be incorporated.  I came up with the graphic you see on the building.  One is facing the highway and the other is facing the parking lot.  A few volunteers painted it by hand this weekend, and did an excellent job if I do say so myself.

Rausch for House

Rausch for House yard sign

My father-in-law is up for re-election and wanted a logo boost and, seeing as we’re related and I’m a designer, I was perfect for the job and glad to do it. Above is actually what I put together for a yard sign – the actual logo is in that navy blue but I think this looks nice too. There’s another version that has “re-elect” and Val’s photo included, but of course, as a yard-sign, it wouldn’t have worked quite well. It’s saved for other pieces. I was honored to do the project and am proud of the results.


Nunsense: the mega musical program

My dad is the theater director for my old High School and they are putting on Nunsense: The Mega Musical this year. I created the nun/Charlie’s Angels graphic (as per his request) and put together a poster, shirt, and program for him. Seen above is the program. Nothing flashy, and the nun graphic is a little “unfinished” looking on purpose – given the comical nature of the musical.

In any case, I’m excited to see the performance and it wasn’t so long ago that I played a nun in Murder Can Be Habit Forming in the same theater. Little did I know then, I’d be on the inside of the jokes about Catholicism not many years later. This time, hopefully I won’t be as confused.

Folded Mayhem

I’ve been doing some freelance designing the last few weeks for Folded Mayhem and their website was relaunched this week. They are a company in the Sioux Falls area that is creating and selling eco-friendly apparel. They also donate a percentage of their profit to a different organization each month! Check them out and support me (and the Earth!) by ordering one of my shirts! My original designs are marked as such – though I’ve created some Folded Mayhem originals as well. Above are just a few of them. Not all of the shirts are posted on Folded Mayhem yet, and they will continue to add more every week, so keep checking back!

Swing Show Poster

Swing Show 08 PosterSwing Show 08 Program Cover

Friend and music teacher, Jackie, commissioned me to create this year’s swing show poster (and a greyscale version for the program) for the HS she teaches at. Poster – 11 x 17, Program cover – 5.5 x 8

I like the overall look of this poster, and think that it will stand out enough so that members of the community see the poster before any others and then buy tickets to the show.

Thanks, Jackie, for thinking of me and allowing me to spread my design wings.